Most of the modern kitchens today can be seen with super shiny stainless steel countertops owing to some of the great features of this wonder material. Countertops made out of stainless steel have a really smooth surface with a chrome themed look and the shiny surface offers a beautifully aesthetic and elegant look to your whole kitchen.

What makes stainless steel countertops so popular?

Stainless Steel CountertopsApart from adding a dash of elegance and beauty to your kitchen space, stainless steel countertops have a lot more advantages that have made them a favourite of homeowners.

This countertop is stain resistant and truly very hygienic hence best suited for kitchens where hygiene holds an important place. Further stainless steel is heat proof; it is made of sixteen gauge type 304 steel that has an edge to keep liquids from flowing down onto floors.

The ease of maintenance is another plus point of this wonderful product and all it needs to shine like new is a little soap and water.

Stainless is imbibed with a lot of strength and hence most ideal for kitchens that take in a lot of wear and tear.

Each stainless steel sheet generally being available in lengths of ten feet offer seamless countertops if they are less than that, but for countertops that are longer than ten feet the seams are made in the centre of the sink area which can be sealed off with silicon under the joint making it invisible before installing the countertop.

Maintenance of stainless steel countertops

True that stainless steel countertops are very easy to maintain and do not require vigorous or strong cleaning agents to keep it looking shiny and new but there are certain precautions to take to maintain the look.

Though these countertops are resistant to heat and moisture they get corroded at once if you use harsh products such as bleach or acid for cleaning it; these products can cause a lot of damage to the surface making it corroded, dull and stained.

Simply use soap and water to clean the counters ensuring you wipe it dry with a soft cloth; if not the water left standing on the counter causes water stains to form which become difficult to get rid of unless scrubbed real hard.

Using harsh or abrasive brushes can again damage the surface of a stainless steel countertop by leaving scratches which cannot be removed.

Then there is one more problem with stainless steel countertop; though it is a highly resistant material it can dent if great pressure is applied. But in general not that much of pressure is put on a kitchen countertop; anyway it is good to be careful.

Innovations in stainless steel countertops

The innate strength of steel has made it an ideal choice for kitchens and to make it look more appealing kitchen designers are making additions such as warm hues of wood and painted tiles in combination with stainless steel.

The noises that can be made by working on a steel countertop is surely one big concern for those using Stainless Steel Countertops, but these days they are reinforced with soundproof coating to mute the sounds so that you are no more bothered with the noises it can make.

On the whole, homeowners are choosing stainless steel countertops for the contemporary looks it offers, ease of maintenance, hygiene, and of course its innate strength.